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Welcome to www.aurarphoto.com

The home of equine photography in East Anglia and equine event photography in the East Of England.
From our site here you can preview and buy aurar photos from equestrian and equine events in East England. aurarphoto was established as a diversity business from Aurar Limited in 2002. Since that time, we have established aurar photography as leading equestrian photographers and provide equestrian eventing photographs and hunting photographs along with horse photographs for sale. We attempt to operate over two seasons every year, the summer season and the hunting season (although our activity following hunts has diminished recently due to the unwelcome outside observation of our sports).
We attend events for a number of "favourite" local clubs and organisations, such as our local Endurance GB (EGB) group, Iceni and Soham Pony Club. We also support organisations such as the Dunston Harriers and have provided many horse photos for them over the years.
We excel at pony photography and have a readily transportable setup as you might expect for leading eventing photographers. We cover numberous show jumping events during the year, we aim to provide showjumping pictures are amongst the most consistent horse pictures you will find.
We also cover events for the East Essex Hunt and Saffron Walden And District Riding Club (SWDRC)
and for the last two years have sponsored championships for Worlington Riding Club.

The aurar is an Icelandic coin. The "basic" Icelandic coin is a crown or Kronar, there being 100 Aurar in a Kronar, Just like pounds and pence - so you can think of an aurar being an Icelandic penny - although in it's singular form it's proper name is eyrir. Now the last time we looked, there were 142 ISK (Icelandic Kronar) to the GBP (Pound Sterling) or, the other way round, a Kronar is worth 0.7p - so 1/100th of that is practically worthless. Hmmmm!!

To sum up, there is no such thing as an Aurar, two aurar is practically worthless and this story is in itself an Icelandic Saga (albeit a very short one).

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